why arise magazine

Founder and Chief Editor: Kea Modise-Moloto

Because as women, we aspire for more and we are build for more…and dream about achieving this and that – becoming writers, Pastors, business owners, artists, mothers, career women, wives and Ministry leaders or CEO’s of big corporates.

Our aspiration steal us away from our current circumstances and lighten our hearts, bring smiles to our faces and add colour to our lives – even if it is for just a moment until we return to our physical current circumstances where we may feel stagnant and, at times, without any hope.

We may fail to live our best evolving lives not because we are not capable. We may feel like we are failing to succeed in life, business, career and Spiritually. This, I believe, is not because we lack potential or intelligence but because we doubt and allow ourselves to listen to that voice or focus on circumstances that say we are not smart enough, not educated or gifted enough to get on the path towards that which our Souls and Spirit hungers, aspires, desires and yearns for – which are all seeds and road map to our life’s purpose and destiny as designed by God.

“After we have suffered a little, the God of all Grace who has called us to eternal Glory in Christ, will Himself, restore, confirm, strengthen and establish us.”


So Girl…whatever you are going through, whatever is holding you back, whatever is saying not now, not me, I do not have what it takes…shake it off, leave it behind, rebuke it just like Jesus did, tell it: ‘Be gone!!’ and choose to read any article in this magazine and begin to arise.

Welcome to the well of inspiration, healing and encouragement of arise magazine.

I am Kea Modise-Moloto 😊 and hope that arise magazine becomes a friend to push and remind you of who God is and who you are in God: a beloved daughter, conqueror destined for joyful prosperity.

From God, my Daddy, to you through me.

Enjoy the read, be Blessed and arise.

Kea Modise-Moloto

#keamm #keamodisemoloto

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