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Because the Bible calls us not to conform but to be transformed by the renewing of our minds.

I believe that many of us give up just when there is only one more step needed, one more pull, one more phone call or one more try… just when we are one step away from the door of the very thing we have been Praying for, we say ‘ahggg…it is too late’, ‘I tried too many times’, ‘I have given my all’ or ‘IT IS NOT FOR ME’.

I am led to believe that because of giving up too soon, have forfeited our destiny, breakthrough, success, freedom or harvest because we could not hold on for just one more minute, knock one more time, try once more, or turn the other cheek for the 800 time.

We know that anything valuable is hardly served on a silver platter and if it is, the server did not acquire it easily. Consider the life and journey of Joseph to becoming second in command, Moses to freeing the Israelites from Egypt, Mary the pregnant Virgin who watched her child suffer for our sake. The plenty examples and lessons in the Bible- have led me to ask: ‘when will we learn and change our attitude of giving up just because we think it is time to give up…without consulting with the Most High? or applying Wisdom and Discernment? Instead, we allow situations to continue as though they are healthy or good for us. Remember John 21:6 when Jesus said ‘cast your net on the other side’? He was saying change your strategy.

I have collaborated with special leaders on topics of loss, fathers’ love, parenting, business, overall growth and the vast issues affecting important areas of our lives. This is so that the decision to make the change does not feel forced, farfetched but deeply considered and internalised. Remember, the letter to the Romans calls us to seek to be transformed, and not to conform to the ways of the world. We do differently when the world keeps to the norm.

Hetty the Entrepreneur – our cover girl – shares her journey of change to become the SA’s No1 Monetisation Guru. This Change Issue is to remind and empower us to be willing and prepared to transform and change. Jesus said a few times in the Bible, “Go and sin no more”. He is telling us to change our ways for the better, aim to do better, especially because to live and not sin is impossible. Kholo’s advise, pg36, on the steps we can take to achieve the change we want will help us.

My Prayer is for you to be inspired, encouraged and know that with God, change for the better is possible FOR NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH HIM.

To you, through me, from God our Daddy!


Editor's Hello! The Shift Issue

Editor's Hello!

The issue is published in a Season that reminds us of how Jesus changed everything as it was known. He Shifted us from being of this world to being of the Kingdom. We shifted from being sinners to being Forgiven. Shifted non-believers to Believers. Shifted us from death to Eternal Life. He Shifted from walking the earth to being seated on the Right Hand of the Father in Heaven. In other words, this is the season of change so it is fitting to theme this issue The Shift Issue.

My prayer is for a Shift for you mentally, emotionally and Spiritually as you flip through the pages. We offer you a buffet of business, career, personal and Spiritual inspiration and enlightenment. 

I’m delighted and humbled to have my friend and Praying Partner, Bongiwe Zwane, on this cover. It has been a long time coming but as with everything God led, this is the perfect time and season for us to be Ministered to by her life’s journey and Testimony.

Kgomotso’s vulnerability and truth on page 28 moves my heart in an unexpected way as she shares her heart on what it means to mother children with special needs, Autism in her case. May this piece shift your mind and change our behaviour and attitude to things we do not understand or have full details on. 

And then there’s Ausi Nthabiseng on page 23, she says ‘Shift from pain, overcome and maintain a life of joy’. She is supported by Coach Matjatji with advice on Shaking off Self Limitation on page 32.

There is much more to mention like the beauty of collaboration demonstrated by Karien Hunter and her
ACM Hunter Inc. team on page 12.

I cannot end my greeting without celebrating the mgiRas team’s milestone led by a familiar face and a sister in our community – CEO Patricia Stocks and partner Jerome Andrews. They have shifted their South African Audit Firm to a Global Audit firm. Be inspired by their journey on page 14.

I thank our Shift Issue partners featured on the contents page. arise Magazine issue is a more challenging achievement without you. Your business investment is also a Kingdom investment. Be Blessed.

May the contents of this issue highlight God’s amazing power and Love to you. May it Shift whatever needs to be Shifted in your life towards a more peaceful and fulfilling Faith filled life you yearn for. May it bring you Newness, Hope and Courage: Isaiah 43:18-19. 

From God my Daddy to you through me – Shift and Stay Blessed.


Kea MM Editor's Hello

Kea MM

Founder & Chief Editor


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