Christmas is about Protection and Provision

Tis’ a season for giving, a season to be Merry and Joyful… our culture as Christians at Christmas. 

But, how  is this Season for you?

Are you Joyful and Merry or are you sad?

What has brought you to being Joyful?

What is stopping you from experiencing a Merry-Christmas?

What is the thing that makes you sad in this season?

Is it related to the meaning and message and real story of Christmas or to what society has prescribed as Christmas? 

True meaning of Christmas

What is the true meaning and message of Christmas?

I believe that if we searched for a deeper message of Christmas there would be less sadness but more gratitude in our hearts. 

Is the message of Christmas to acknowledge, remember and celebrate the birth of Christ? 

Or is it to celebrate the promise that God the Father made through the Prophets of the Old Testament that a Messiah will come to save us from sin and give Eternal Life? 

Which message of Christmas comes to your mind first when the idea and season of Christmas approaches?

Or how many of the above mentioned come to mind?

Or maybe a different thought, not mentioned here comes to mind…what is it for you? 

Your take on Christmas

I figure many of us do not take Christmas for what it truly means. Could it be that we are one of many who have a single sided, short sighted, shallow approach to Christmas?  Yes, it is and should be a celebration of the birth of Christ, the Messiah. The one through whom we have received Forgiveness, Mercy, Favour, Eternal life and a personal relationship with God. But is that all it is? 

When I was asked to prepare Morning Devotionals for December month for Good News Community Radio , I asked God for a special message to share. It was during Prayer asking for Discernment that the revelation of Christmas came to me.

Why Christmas?

It was always God’s intention for us to have a deep relationship with Him as our Father and creator of all things. sin became part of the world and an attacker of life and God wanted to save us from it. sin is usually delicious and easy to indulge in. It doesn’t ask for much and promises to offer more but not at all good for us at any level. We may enjoy it for a moment but the painful consequence is never good or short lived. I imagine God’s concern was what would become of us if there was not anything put in place to interject, save and protect us?

Would any parent enjoy watching their children head for danger? Or live in pain, loss, shame, regret and hopelessness?

Christmas is about Provision and Protection

God, like most parents, wouldn’t and doesn’t want us to get hurt or lost in things of the world. What God and Parents have in common in this instance is their deep love for their children which makes them want to protect us in every way possible. This is why God became man through Christmas. Christmas is about protection and provision. 

It is also to celebrate God Himself for the love that He has for us that He became man so that we can have a human experience with Him.  I believe that one of the reasons God gave us Jesus Christ was so that we come to understand Him better and trust that because He as human in Jesus Christ, He cried, feared, hoped, prayed, fasted, bled and called to his mother – He understands us, our circumstances and needs.

God saw that His creation was in need of a saving. They will only be saved by something strong and powerful enough to overcome and overpower the strong attraction of sin. God knew that the thing, the one to save humans, needs to be as strong, powerful and wise as Him, the Creator. 

Christmas is the Answer to our Deepest Need

He therefore became an answer for our need by becoming human to live and interact with us on earth so that we can relate to Him and also understand Him and importantly understand that He understands us. He came in human form so that when we cry and plead to Him we do so with the reassurance and trust that He fully – mentally, physically and emotionally – knows and can relate to what we are experiencing. He became man to respond to our dire need. Christmas is about protection and provision. 

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Our Christmas Responsibility

So, what do we do in acknowledging, commemorating and celebrating this moment and being grateful to God for what He has done for us? 

Maybe like Him we should look around and identify what our families, communities or people far away from us need and try to be somewhat, to some degree, be an answer to their needs.

What if you did not buy that expensive gift for that special someone? 

Could you extend your Christmas Lunch table to invite those you know are not sure where they’ll get their next meal? 

Bringing God to Others

What if you went to a shelter, children’s home, old age home to share exactly the thing that prompted God to become Jesus Christ? The thing called LOVE? 

How about decorating Christmas with with Love?

Are you willing to make that small or big change to your Christmas so that it is a day and a season of meaningful sharing and gifting?  So that it is a day or season someone sees God in action in their lives because of you and I? 

We at #ariseMag wish you and yours a meaningful, special, Merry Joyful Christmas.

Let us know your thoughts on the meaning of Christmas by commenting below. 

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