My 2021 Vision Board Became My 2022 Prayer Board

As I was busy, choosing pictures and gluing them to the board, I realised that what I was doing was not a vision board but a Prayer Board. I continued my creation, the choosing and gluing of pictures with prayer.

The Thing About Prayer

The most important thing about prayer is that God loves hearing from us – His children. The thing about prayer is that we all need it and we can all do it. The thing about prayer is that Jesus taught us to do it. He gifted us the Lord’s prayer. We can also recall HimContinue reading “The Thing About Prayer”

Are you Home?

What if I told you that God lives in specific people to design a perfect home in those people specifically for your comfort and safety?

Lord, I look to YOU

In that nothingness came recovery and renewed strength. Now I find myself in a place where I constantly tell myself that ‘God is in control. It is not up to me but up to Him and it is always going to be working for good.

Unbelievable Blessings and Special Care by God

When days get hard, I think of the days that I used to cry because of the hardship but I now know that the hardships were redirecting and pushing me to where He planned for me to be. I did not look for opportunities, opportunities came to me to support my dream and lead me to my purpose. I thank God every day.”

God on the Front Lines

So many times I have seen patients and especially chil­dren, not only survive and  be totally healed without it making any medical sense. I know that Miracles still happen.