I help Women in Business with a safe space to network, affordable place to sell their products online: plus s global directory to list their businesses: and inspirational and informative God filled Arise Magazine to encourage, inform, inspire in business and life simultaneously elevating their brands. I have recently authored the Armour Daily Planner to inspre and keep us reminded of who God is.

We are remarkable women

We have just come to the end of Women’s Month in South Africa. For the first time, I found myself asking, ‘Where are the celebrations? Where are the conferences? Where are the High Teas?’ because we need them. The past two years have been tough; and have taken a toll on all of us. I …

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Milestones Stages Pace | Magazine For Business Woman | arise

Milestones, Stages & Pace

Milestones of life are demonstrated in our physicaland Spiritual beings. Reflecting on life, from toddler to teenager and toadulthood – each stage has its own differentchallenges. Some may even say it is an endurancerace from adolescence to womanhood, to successfulcareer or business woman and jumping overthousands of hurdles and obstacles to finally reachset goals

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