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Raising Sons with Autism - a message from a mother's heart

Our kids look “normal” and it is only upon further observation of their behaviour that one will notice that something is amiss, because the disorder does not necessarily present physically. 


The loneliness and “fog” of the journey deepens. One is faced with having to challenge perceptions, family, co-parenting, siblings, the church, extended family, friends, and the community at large. 


In our earlier years on the journey, I was frustrated by my sons randomly undressing in public or hating to be in malls or big crowds. I learnt two important lesson: their skin sensitivity and the art of “scanning” any environment before going there with my kids…continue reading

Vision Board Becomes Prayer Board


There is a vision board takeover on all different platforms…be it offices, churches, social media, coaches, mentors… it is all over. 


Something special happened to me in January 2022…as I was busy choosing pictures and gluing them to create my vision board, I realised that I was no longer creating a vision board. Somehow, my attention and internal conversation was with God about the pictures I was gluing to the board. It hit me ‘…this is no longer a vison board but a Prayer Board.’ From that moment on, I continued my creation intentionally with… 




Avon launches world’s FIRST matte lipstick with a...

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