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Puleng March

Every day I realise why God has chosen me. I used to ask ‘why me? Why did God choose me? I am just a girl from a township.’ But now I understand that He chose me the way I am, different and unexpected as I am so that other girls who are told they don’t belong, they don’t look or speak a certain way, to also know that they can make it in life.” – Puleng March. 

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Welcome to arise Magazine – for the modern thriving and bold Christian woman. 

arise Mag offers you special inspiration shared by Christian women for Christian women.

Our main focus is to elevate female owned and led business and Ministry brands while introducing and creating special relationships between our readers and reputable corporate brands.

June - July

The Milestone issue


This issue is about all types of milestones which are important for us as humans, students, parents, businessowners and leaders – not forgetting in our Faith journey . Whether aware or not, consciously or not – we all acknowledge milestones in our journeys – regardless of whether we have set them or not.  Reaching milestones confirms progress and encourage us to continue.


But what then when some milestones look different from our expectations?


Enjoy this issue and learn how women in different circumstances experience different milestones.

May this issue Bless you just as producing it has Blessed our team.

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May God Bless.

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