Are you Home?

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It is the most natural, innate need.

It is where the heart is.  

Most of us naturally expect home to be the safest and most comfortable space.  

No matter our age or social standing, we go home when we need to be comforted by parents, family or familiarity. 

We run back home when the world deals us unexpected, harsh cards.  

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Everyone needs a home. 

Sometimes, even an empty house is a perfect home because of the memories it holds and the love it carries or symbolises.  

In normal circumstances, whether life is superb or difficult, home is the first place we want to share our news for celebration or consolation.  

I have in recent days found myself yearning for somewhere safe where I can be 100% myself without compromise or effort. A place where I can experience unconditional, unlimited and unexplainable love where unnecessary and irrelevant questions are asked and I genuinely laugh with joy as tears from a painful and heavy heart roll down my cheeks…

It occurred to me: everyone needs a home – a person with God in them that becomes a home in this life.   

This person is a home where you cannot overstay your visit and a place where you need not knock when you arrive. Every room is comfortable despite its size. This person is a place where you can sit with and feel no pressure or discomfort from the silence.  

You know a person is your home when their silence is filling and satisfying to the Soul and mind.  

God is our home and in Him we find comfort, hope, embrace and soothing love with fulfilled promises too many to count.

Blessed are those that have these homes in other friend | Magazine For Business Woman | arise

These people are not your everyday friends, lovers, siblings or spouses. 

They are special and unique to your needs, journey and your character. 

These are the people that get you. They understand and embrace you when no one else does.  

These people, that are our homes, do not care what you have done or why you have done it. They only care about how you are feeling in the present and how they can make your world better within the storm, pain and confusion you may be experiencing.  

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They are a home that is most of the time more excited for your wins and successes more than you are. 

They love you with the same deep love whether you win or lose; whether you have or lack. 

These people I call home may be part of your everyday life or those you see once every few years but they remain a comfortable home that seems to become more comfortable as the years add on.   

Doesn’t this sound like God? friends1 3 | Magazine For Business Woman | arise

He loves us in all circumstances and situations no matter what we do or fail to do.

He is always ready to receive and embrace us no matter how long we’ve been away or where we have been. 

He listens and makes us feel heard whether we make sense or not. 

God allows us comfort in all situations. 

With Him – whether in the storm, furnace, wilderness, face to face with a beast, surrounded by wolves or celebrating at a wedding – you can count on for He never let us down or shame us and He won’t start now.  

I believe God chooses and resides in some special people specifically for us to individually find a home in.

Do you know such a human?  

they will know that you are mine by the way you love one another | Magazine For Business Woman | arise

Do you have that human that you can call home?  

Are you that person that someone can call home? socks | Magazine For Business Woman | arise

May we be blessed with the wisdom and discernment to know whose home we are.  

May we have the bravery to allow ourselves to be the imperfect perfect home for someone.   

May we be Blessed with a person to call ‘my HOME’ on earth until we get to the perfect HOME in Heaven.

Written By: Kea MM

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