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2020 and 2021 challenged the medical industry in a different and maybe never seen before manner for generations. We talk to Pediatrician Leane Munian to find out how she navigated the season with God as her helper.

Why did you choose medicine?

As idealistic and cliche’ as it sounds,  I wanted  to make a differ­ence to people’s lives and improve quality of life of South Africans. I matriculated in 1993.

Spiritually, what kind of a space were you in when you started? I’d say quite strong. I was raised in a strong Christian family and I recall kneeling down in prayer with my mum and asking God for medical school placement.

What miracles have you seen God perform in your workplace? So many times I have seen patients and especially chil­dren, not only survive and  be totally healed without it making any medical sense. I know that Miracles still happen.

What are the best moments you’ve experienced in your workplace? Satisfaction of seeing patients leave the hospital healthy when they’ve come in  at  death’s door.  Know­ ing that small changes that one makes just to show that extra care result in big improvements.

What is the most difficult experience or challenge you have experienced in your workplace?I qualified as a doctor in 2000 in the middle of the HIV/AIDS fandemic. This was  when a day  at work in the medica wards meant signing up to 5 death certifi­ cates before doing the ward rounds. There was a ubiq­ uitous feeling of helplessness.

On a different note, I was a victim of gender discrimi­ nation and bullying in the workplace in  my previous place of employment, and that was a different type of challenge and  one  when  I really  saw  God part  the seas for me.

It’s been scary. For the  first  time,  you  could  contract the  same  illness  as your patient,  and it was and remains to be a no respecter of persons. Truly  hum­bling.

The social isolation and distancing is difficult especial­ ly when you are used to hugging/our patients on a daily basis. The fact that you coul make friends and family sick just by being at work was lonely.

I overcome this by just trusting, surrendering my thoughts and fears, and just resting … physically and in His presence. I found fasting really helped with focus and strengthened me immensely.

When was the first time you experienced God’s presence in your life? Growing up in a largely Christian community, I was priveleged to be constantly exposed   to  evangelism and it was in one of those “old school tent campaigns” when I dedicated my life to Jesus. You never forget the first time you encounter Holy Spirit for yourself.

What is the most important lesson you’ve learnt in your workplace? That there is only so much I can do,  and that God is still Sovereign over all things.

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How do you intentionally  bring God into your work­ place? As  a  senior  clinician  there  are  more  managerial responsibilities and dealing with complaints and human  resource  issues is the  order of  the  day.  I have to continually  pray  for  Wisdom  and Grace  to  deal with difficult challenges.

What has happened in your life that when you think of, you can’t help but smile at God?When you  become  more  aware  of  God’s  presenceand His hand  on  your life, you  see  God  work  in the big and the mundane things. I continually meet people who speak into  my life in such  a  deep and profound way.

What do you wish women knew about allowing God in ones’ workplace? Surrendering to God  always  makes  it  better  andeasier. There should be no shame, it is not a sign of weakness to rely on God and to declare His goodness daily in your workplace.

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