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Welcome to arise Magazine – for the modern thriving and bold Christian woman. 
Your space for special personal and business inspiration and other life’s goodness by Christian women for Christian women.
We elevate female owned and led businesses and brands while harnessing special connections between our readers and reputable brands of the world.

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tinywow Keamm3 18391159 | Magazine For Business Woman | ariseThe Autumn Issue is out!! 

Welcome to our Autumn Issue in our Easter Season. A Season where Jesus changed everything as it was known. He Shifted us from being of this world to being of the Kingdom. We shifted from being sinners to being Forgiven. Shifted non-believers to Believers. Shifted us from death to Eternal Life. He Shifted from walking the earth to being seated on the Right Hand of the Father in Heaven. In otherwords, this is the season of change so it is fitting to theme this issue The Shift Issue. 

My prayer is for a Shift for you mentally, emotionally and Spiritually as you flip through the pages. We offer you a buffet of business, career, personal and Spiritual inspiration and enlightenment. 

I’m delighted and humbled to have my friend and Praying Partner, Bongiwe Zwane, on this cover. It has been a long time coming but as with everything God led…Continue Reading

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                        MAY SPECIAL READ

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A MESSAGE FROM A MOTHER’S HEART – Our kids look “normal” and it is only upon further observation of their behaviour that one will notice that something is amiss, because the disorder does not necessarily present physically. 

In our earlier years on the journey, I was frustrated by my sons randomly undressing in public or hating to be in malls or big crowds. I learnt two important lesson: their skin sensitivity and the art of “scanning” any environment before going there with my kids…continue reading

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