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November: Called to Purpose

This Spring Issue’s foundation is what the editor Kea MM heard Jesus’ whisper to her, “Be concerned about only the necessary”. He said, “The one thing necessary that you choose becomes your portion.” The portion that Mary chose by sitting at the feet of Jesus was the best, and Jesus said, “it shall not be taken from her”. I ponder: what should you and I be concerned with? The one thing we will be happy for its possible unknown, but Faith based results to not be taken from us.

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November: Women, Spring Forth!


Isaiah 43:19

Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?

Women!! we are in a season where God is Calling us to spring forth because our Light has come and His Glory is upon us. God is building and He is looking for faithful women to build with.

God is calling us women to Spring forth to our positions. To show up for our assignments. He has chosen us for this very moment, each one of us with a unique mandate.

Darkness and chaos cover the earth. God is looking to the faithful and righteous women to be the Light and YOU ARE THAT WOMAN. That is how and why He created you.

God continuously Calls us to be the Light. The unique Light in alignment with His plans and order. We have not taken our responsibility as the Light seriously and the time has come for us to change that and be the Light that only us women can be.

Just like Ester, we are called for such a time as this, to save our families and the different communities in which we exist. God’s Call on us is to walk in Godliness, bring hope in hopeless times, walk in love, forgive, and be kind to those who persecute us.

God is whispering your particular position and purpose to you now, or maybe He has done so already. But now, He is telling you to spring forth in this season.

Kholo Temane

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